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Serenity 2005 (English) DVDRip.[AC3] Torrent Download

Serenity (2005)

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Year: 2005
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Director: Joss Whedon
Starring: Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk

Serenity ship crew trying to avoid an assassin sent to recover one of their members who telepathically.
Others do a good job gushing about the film. Of course, they give thanks to fans and the movie was more like a standard mouse, but it is a unique experience, and the shock and amaze, looking for an interesting film. This is the world of Firefly, I really can get behind the characters and problems of care, we have presented a fantasy home. The best way to describe Han Solo in the original Star Wars is the best aspects of the elements, and to build a world around it. Or clear any of the topics are good and bad. Dangerous to try to make their way to heaven, there is only one of the fugitives. This is a space battle or a war psychosis in the near future most of us will not work, however, is not something that people can relate to. Serenity on the name of the name of the ship, but the search is a deeper sense of our characters. Freedom and home and ship them and find out what it means to the fans. So many people so enthusiastic about SciFi move the Dinky little you understand why. The film captures this feeling perfectly, but since the return to us for a ride. In my opinion, that is a really great movie, the only thing I did not know this theater you on a journey into this movie when it was in a very different person would come out of all the movies. Of course, the visual effects are impressive, but it (and ship them to a digital set that, I liked the characters and I, I, I've seen say nothing of the impact of the still unfinished I) much care for any of them. The humor is probably better than anything this year, the theater, and the even higher. Fantastic 4 Episode 3 I see on my monitor is really a week after, a month after the release, and I was immediately washed his hands of Mr. Lucas ... so it really is something for everyone, even if there is a major geek fandom, let's not even talk about the film oneThe, the total number of people - men and women split at least 50/50, uber type-geeks and cool, and a surprising amount of people of all ages attractive. Seriously, do not rely on violent fans. See the movie for yourself. Give it an honest chance, and if you are a fan of you, I promise it will be taken away.

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