Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bridesmaids 2011 English DVD (AC3) Torrent Download

Bridesmaids (2011)

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Bridesmaids torrent

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Year: 2011
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director: Paul Feig
Starring: Kristen Wiig, Terry Crews, Maya Rudolph

Competition between the maid of honor and a bridesmaid, over who is the bride's best friend, threatens to upend the life outside work pastry chef.
OK. After seeing the preview of this movie, it was added to the list of movies I have no intention of going to see. But I've heard so many good things about it, I decided to give it a try. Let's just say, my gut feeling was right. I have no idea what so many people felt so incredible about this movie.Its not so funny. Yes, there were a few scenes that I found humorous, and laughed. However, most of the funny scenes with both sexes, about sex, about poop / vomit / farting / burping, or a lame attempt at slapstick humor. Lots of predictable cheap shots. Honestly, there is a sophisticated and stylish humor ... the whole movie made me feel lousy, honestly. I get that its rated R, but still. I felt like I was an adult version of the counterpart Paavo times.Small is empty. This film is slowly stretched out over two hours, the plot, which can be easily explained with all the major scenes, about 30 minutes. There were so many long scenes that seem to throw just that Kristen Wiig can do another laugh, but they do not progress the story. The whole plot holes, and there were many scenes where I caught myself rolling my eyes, thinking, really? The majority of films to develop their own characters so much that literally feel the results. I left the theater on the question mark in this movie, because they were all so remote and under-developed. The plot was so weak and plunged into the next pointless comedy spiel, they do not give characters any depth, except perhaps for the management Annie. I can think of two scenes moments with this movie, and I saw it last night. Yes, there were funny scenes, but nothing worth raving in my opinion.I have given Bridesmaids any credit. All-female lead in the film is very new to the entertainment industry, especially in comedy. Unfortunately, these women Hangover responsible instead of raising the bar, but they will honor the effort. There were sweet moments in the film, I had to change the film a complete waste of money. I like comedy, but I prefer a sleeker, witty humor instead of a simple, mindless humor. I would much prefer to see the film, which is to develop the character so much that cheap shots arent needed laughter. If you liked The Hangover, then you will probably enjoy this movie ..

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